Liz Donohue


Liz Donohue is a Healer, gifted intuitive and EFT Practitioner. Liz uses her natural gift to awaken the soul essence within and bring about healing. She teaches her clients how to access the Divinity and healing inherent within us all.

Connecting her clients with the core issues that might be blocking their health and well-being is her passion. Teaching and sharing her extensive knowledge in the healing arts is Liz’s mission.

Well known for her ability to read the body’s energy and the human energy field, Liz has over 20+ years in the field of Energy Medicine. Her passion is helping uncover the energetic blocks that are causing physical, emotional and energetic issues. She works to analyze and address key areas of her client's energetic field to begin the process of self-healing. 

Liz’s deep connection and devotion to Spirit are the driving force behind her work. Her Mission is to remind every Divine Soul she has the opportunity to work with of their true nature. Liz lives in New Jersey with her husband, three children and a golden retriever named Casey.