Energy Healing


Liz uses her intuitive vision to read and scan the energy within and around the body. Her skill lies in identifying blocks and connecting them to life experiences. Our life experiences are held within the “tissues” of the body/mind and the energy field. Through thorough assessment of the chakras, organs and the energy field, Liz then assists her clients in releasing this stored energy and integrating the information that the healing process facilitates.

Liz is a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and REIKI Master Teacher.

Energy Healing Techniques clear the blocked energy and negative thought energy that is held within the body/mind. We are unable to function at highest good when these energies are locked. Liz works within her many energy healing techniques to restore balance, so that people can quickly achieve wellness.

Energy Healing supports people in letting go of stored emotional pain, physical pain and mental states. Through Energy Healing we deeply connect to our Spiritual nature. We are then naturally attracting desired conditions and vibrating at a higher frequency.

Elizabeth offers individual In-Person Sessions or by phone sessions.

45 minute session (Phone and In Person) - $225