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Testimonials for Liz Donohue:

I heard about Liz from a friend who had gone to her for an energy healing session. I wanted to check out Reiki and felt very drawn to the idea of reaching out to Liz to make an appointment. Once I made the appointment, I was not sure what to expect, but my intention was to go once and if I felt the session was beneficial possibly return from time to time for a “tune-up”.

When I entered the room for my first session, the energy I felt in the room – and from Liz herself – was almost overwhelming – very warm and loving and familiar. I achieved so much direction and clarity after that one session. Amazing shifts began to occur in my life. I went back for another session shortly thereafter and within a week I had found a career path that made my heart sing open up before me – a career path that I hadn’t even considered before I met Liz. It was as though she had shined a light into a place in my heart that I forgot existed.

Before I knew it I was signed up for a certification course for my new career path and am excelling at and loving the course and the possibilities that it is bringing into my life. I have also attained my Reiki I Certification and will be taking a Reiki II Certification Class next month. The journey has been so fulfilling and enlightening. I am so excited about my life here and now – and what the future has to hold!

Today I consider Liz Donahue to be not only my energy healer, but also my true spiritual teacher. Liz shares her gifts so freely. She does not encourage me to be dependent on her gifts, but rather guides and encourages me to get in touch with my own gifts – my own intuition, my own energy source – gifts that each and every one of us have but may not be aware of. My connection to the energy of my daughter and other loved ones that have passed has grown so much and gives me so much comfort. I am so grateful and blessed to have Liz in my life.

When the student is ready the teacher appears – I am so glad I was paying attention when my teacher arrived.

Eileen Alexander


A masterful Healer, Teacher and Psychic, Liz embodies the wisdom of a Sage and the compassion of the Divine.  A truly rare human being, Liz shows us by her grace, what we may all someday become.

I am blessed to be her client/student for almost three and a half years now.  Liz has proved time and time again to be one of the most important people in my life to date.

Amy Dubov